Goat's Milk & Honey Luxury Soap

Goat's Milk & Honey Luxury Soap


Goat's Milk & Honey is a luxurious addition to our handcrafted soap collection.

Milk baths as a beauty regimen dates back to the ancient Egyptians. Milk contains lactic acid which breaks down dead skin cells, allowing skin to rejuvenate more quickly, resulting in healthier looking skin. Our beautifully crafted bar begins with premium glycerin, combined with goat milk, pure raw honey, fortified with Vitamin E and lightly scented with almond and vanilla. The result is a creamy, luscious skin care experience. Great for all skin types.

FRAGRANCE DESCRIPTION:  Sweet creamy milk and golden honey create a delicate and gentle scent.

For best results, immediately after showering/bathing, apply your favorite Maison 276 Body Butter to lock and seal in moisture. It's the perfect finish for your well-deserved daily skin spa treatment

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