No. 8 Botaniques Dry Oil

No. 8 Botaniques Dry Oil


No. 8 Botaniques with Rosehip Seed Oil is a concentrated blend of eight powerful plant-based natural oils thoughtfully selected for their lightweight, yet powerful blend of vitamins, omega fatty acids and compounds essential for healthy, radiant skin and hair. 

Centuries ago, women of the Egyptian, Mayan and Native American communities discovered the benefits of Rosehip Seed Oil, often referring to it as the “Oil of Youth” because of its ability to maintain plump, luminous skin and to transform dull, lump hair with brilliance, silkiness and volume.


SKIN:  After bathing, gently blot skin dry.  Using dropper, place a few drops into the hand and massage into skin.  The oils are easily absorbed, leaving your skin with a velvety smooth finish and healthy glow. To enhance your experience, bath with a Maison 276 artisan soap or shower gel.

HAIR:  Pre-Treatment.  A small amount of oil can be applied to hair BEFORE shampooing to aid in retaining moisture and reducing tangles.  Shampoo as normal.

After Shampoo:  Gently blot to remove excess water.  Apply small amount of oil to hair to seal in moisture, reduce tangles and increases curl definition..  Style as desired.

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KEY INGREDIENTS: Rosehip seed oil, rich in vitamins A and C, is harvested by cold pressing the seeds of rose bushes.  This process is ensure retention of potent antioxidants and fatty acids and prevent loss of essential compounds which help to hydrate skin and improve tone, texture and pigmentation.  The oil’s fatty acids reduce dry scalp and restores hair’s luster.

Moroccan Argan Oil, known as ‘liquid gold’, is packed with vitamin E, omega fatty acids and linoleic aids to lightly moisturize you skin, soften dry patches and promote healing of damaged cells.  Massage into scalp to stimulate healthy scalp, encourage hair growth and treat split ends.  Leaves hair soft, silky and shiny.

Jojoba Seed Oil naturally restores the balance of skin and hair by keeping them hydrated and conditioned. Packed with vitamins, A, B complex and E, Jojoba is an anti-inflammatory agent that soothes irritated skin and has antibacterial properties that control bacterial growth in the hair follicles.

Sesame Seed Oil is rich in zinc, an important mineral for increasing skin’s elasticity and smoothness.  Its high fatty acid and vitamin content moisturizes and nourishes hair roots.

Rice Bran Oil, a light but powerful combination of vitamins B & E, fatty acids, and Omega 3 and 9, go deep into the skin’s surface to moisturize and sustain a healthy glow.  Adds moisture, sheen and luster to hair without weighing it down.