Luxury Soap - 6 Pack

Luxury Soap - 6 Pack

45.00 every 4 months

Create your personalized 6 pack of luxurious, premium soaps all crafted with skin-nourishing ingredients including moisturizing shea butter and exfoliating, soothing oatmeal, enriched with Vitamin E.  

For best results, immediately after showering/bathing, apply your favorite Maison 276 Body Butter to lock and seal in moisture. It's the perfect finish for your well-deserved daily skin spa treatment.

($60 if purchased separately.)

NOTE: Your subscription is billed every four months, starting with the date of the initial purchase. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. There is no penalty fee for cancellation.


Choose from the following:

Pomegranate Kiss Shea Butter + Oatmeal Soap

Romantic Gardenia Shea Butter + Oatmeal Soap

French Lavender Shea Butter + Oatmeal Soap

Oatmeal + Honey Soap

Onyx Detoxifying Soap with Charcoal+Oatmeal

Goat’s Milk + Honey Soap