Tips for Using a Dry Oil

Tips for Using a Dry Oil

Tips for Using a Dry Oil

"Do I use the dry oil for either my skin or hair?" The answer is...both! The Maison 276 No. 8 Botaniques Dry Oil is a concentrated blend of eight powerful, plant-based oils selected for their lightweight, yet powerful blend of vitamins essential for healthy skin and hair!


Keep reading to learn 5 ways to use a dry oil!

Skin Care Uses

1. Lightweight Face & Body Moisturizer


Staying moisturized without feeling greasy or shiny can be tough! After bathing, gently blot skin dry and place a few drops of the dry oil into your hand and massage into skin (face and body!). The serum quickly dries into your skin (hence why it’s called a ~dry~ oil), leaving your skin with a lightweight and moisturized glow.

2. Cuticle Oil


Nails feeling dry, but you don’t have time to go to the salon for a manicure? Apply a few drops of dry oil around your cuticles. The light, natural oils can help restore your nail beds by providing moisture. Applying overnight allows time for the dry oil to fully absorb into the cuticles.  

Hair Care Uses

3. Pre-Shampoo Treatment


Is your hair feeling extra dry? A small amount of dry oil can be applied to hair before shampooing to aid in retaining moisture and reducing tangles. This can be done a few hours prior to shampooing or even overnight. When you’re ready to wash, simply shampoo as normal.

4. Pre-Swim Treatment


Swimming during the summer is fun…but chlorine-damaged hair is not! When the dry oil is applied to hair prior to swimming, the natural oils coat and protect the hair strands from chlorine even when wet.

5. Post-Shampoo Detangler


This multi-purpose oil can also be used after shampooing your hair! After shampooing, gently blot to remove excess water.  Apply small amount of oil to hair to seal in moisture, reduce tangles, and increase curl definition. Then style as desired!


These are just a few ways that a dry oil like the Maison 276 No. 8 Botaniques Dry Oil can be a great way to stay moisturized, literally, from head to toe!

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